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Maximize pasture stocker gains with ionophores

Stocker cattle do well on spring and summer grass pastures. They can put a little weight on, and cattle feeders love the compensatory gains. However, when you consider the projected stocker prices, doesn’t it make sense to put a few extra pounds on those yearlings? An easy, cost-effective way to do so is to add an ionophore.



Ionophores, such as Rumensin®, change the rumen environment so that the microbes are better able to digest forages. Rumensin specifically alters the microbes in a way that results in the increased production of propionic acid, and propionic acid is more efficiently converted to energy by cattle than any other volatile fatty acid. This improved rumen efficiency translates to improved performance in your cattle. Pasture research with Rumensin has shown that it helps improve average daily gains by 0.2–0.25 pounds* per head, per day.

The benefits of ULTRALYX pressed blocks include consistent intakes, ease of use, high palatability and convenient sizes. Combine these advantages with the performance improvements provided by Rumesin and you have the ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Block.

The ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Block is a win-win combination for cattle producers grazing spring and summer pastures. The consistent, predictable intake it provides, for which ULTRALYX pressed blocks are known, ensures that cattle will get the proper dosage of Rumensin each and every time. Growing cattle need the consistent, daily intake provided by Rumensin to achieve and maintain enhanced performance. These convenient 40-pound pressed blocks are ideal for any grazing system, as they are easy to pick up and move with the cattle. In addition to the benefits of Rumensin, the ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Block also provides complete trace mineral supplementation, including salt, so only one supplement is required. In fact, it’s important to not offer another supplement containing salt, as this can negatively affect the intake of the ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed block.

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*Individual results may vary.

Rumensin® is a registered trademark of Elanco Animal Health.