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ULTRALYX Rumensin pressed blocks turn green grass into greenbacks

With calf prices at near-record highs, it makes more sense than ever to utilize Rumensin® to maximize weight gains on high-quality small grain forages this spring. Rumensin makes additional energy available to the animal through manipulation of rumen fermentation. Based on research growth trials, it can be calculated that the additional energy derived from feeding 200 milligrams of Rumensin daily to growing calves is equivalent to the energy derived from roughly a pound of corn. But, with so many Rumensin supplement options available, why are ULTRALYX® Rumensin® Pressed Blocks the best option for stocker cattle operators wishing to feed Rumensin?



No added protein and energy

The protein and energy levels in small grain forages (wheat, rye, oats) are typically adequate to meet a stocker calf’s needs, so paying for extra protein and energy in the form of a medicated feed mixture is a waste. Plus, the microbes that digest grains compete for space and resources in the rumen with the microbes that digest forages. So why feed a grain mixture when we are trying to enhance the population of fiber-digesting microbes in the rumen?

Consistent intake

Additionally, supplement intake is more consistent with ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks than with a medicated feed mixture where intake is based on dominance rank and bunk space. Highly palatable ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks are designed to consistently attract calves, even under lush growing conditions. However, calves will not over-consume blocks. Maintenance merely involves always keeping the proper number of blocks available to the calves.

Calves typically gain 0.20–0.25 additional pounds per day* as compared to calves receiving no Rumensin. Calves will regularly consume 3.2–8 pounds of the ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Block per head per day, depending upon body weight. This consistent intake means that input costs are known, allowing the stocker cattle operator to estimate operating costs and determine breakeven costs accurately. The average cost** for ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks is $0.14 per head per day. Use of ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks results in an extra profit of $0.19–$0.27 per head per day on these stocker calves, assuming that the value of the additional gain is $1.65 per pound.

Table 1: An illustration of expected costs and returns for ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks.

ULTRALYX Rumensin Blocks Pay. Do the Math...
Cost of non-medicated mineral blocks $0.10/hd/day ** 120 days $12.00/head
Cost of ULTRALYX Rumensin blocks $0.14/hd/day ** 120 days $16.88/head
Cost of Rumensin blocks   $4.88/head
Added gain due to Rumensin 0.20 lb ADG * 120 days 24 lbs.
Added income due to Rumensin 24 lbs @ $1.65/CWT $39.60/head
RETURN ON INVESTMENT $39.60/$4.88 811%

All-in-one mineral nutrition

Minerals and vitamins are a tiny and yet extremely important part of cattle nutrition. Minerals and vitamins play vital roles in growth, immunity and reproduction. Inadequate intake of any essential minerals and vitamins results in reduced feed intake, decreased average daily gains, inefficient feed conversion, poor immunity and decreased reproductive performance. The result is cattle that don’t grow or reproduce as quickly or efficiently as they could. ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks deliver full NRC-recommended levels of essential minerals and vitamins in addition to Rumensin. You need only provide this one block to meet all of their supplement needs.


ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks offer ease of use that other supplements do not. These weather-resistant blocks can be placed directly on the ground where desired, eliminating the need for bunks or special feeders. Due to their convenient size, they are ideal for rotational pasture situations and can be easily moved when the cattle move.

In conclusion, lightweight stocker calves can convert cheap forages into rapid gain. Using Rumensin will increase the amount of energy available to the calves by manipulating ruminal fermentation, resulting in increased weight gain and feed efficiency. Research has shown that stocker cattle gain an additional 0.2–0.25 pounds* per head daily on average compared to stocker cattle that receive no Rumensin. The ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Block is an economical, convenient method to deliver Rumensin, as well as essential minerals and vitamins, to stocker calves under pasture conditions. ULTRALYX Rumensin Pressed Blocks pay for themselves in terms of increased gain and feed efficiency. 

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*While these results are typical, individual weight gains may be more or less than that stated due to differences in cattle types, environment, management practices, etc.

**Costs will vary according to average intake rate as well as location. These costs are based on four pounds intake per head per day.

Rumensin® is a registered trademark of Elanco Animal Health, Indianapolis, IN