Farm Flock/Wild Bird

ULTRALYX is going to the birds

The popularity of backyard flocks is growing every day. No longer confined only to farms, raising poultry is becoming a hobby shared by rural and urban enthusiasts alike. With this in mind, the ULTRALYX® Farm Flock Supplement Block was developed as a convenient, all-purpose supplement for any type of poultry ration. This block has many features.

As a backyard flock owner, we know that you want the best for your birds. You buy the best feed available to keep them healthy and happy. However, sometimes, due to either lack of feed choices or a mistaken purchase of the wrong kind of feed, the birds’ diet can lack the necessary nutrients. The ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Block is designed to provide supplemental protein, energy, minerals and vitamins — just in case! Think of it as insurance against nutritional deficiencies. Also, since birds are very competitive at feeding time, not all birds get equal amounts of feed; they don’t call it a pecking order for nothing! Since ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Blocks are available around-the-clock, all birds have equal access to the product, and everyone can get what they need.

The ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Block contains oyster shell as a source of grit and as an additional source of calcium. Birds have a digestive system unlike any other livestock species: while they are monogastric omnivores like us (i.e., they have a single stomach and eat both plants and animals), they don’t have teeth, so they must grind their food in a powerful organ called the crop. The muscular crop needs something hard to grind feed against in order to break the feed up. This is why birds pick up and swallow small rocks and grit.

I mentioned protein, but when it comes to feeding birds, all protein is not created equal. Unlike ruminants and horses, who can manufacture amino acids (the building blocks of protein) via the microbes in their digestive system to overcome some deficiencies, birds only get what you feed them. Some amino acids are harder to come by than others — and of these, methionine and lysine are the hardest. This is why the ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Block specifically contains guaranteed levels of both methionine and lysine, ensuring that your birds get the essential, limiting amino acids they need.

One look at the ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Block lets you know that it’s different from typical blocks. Chock-full of healthy, whole grains, this block provides balanced nutrition from all parts of the grain. The energy it offers comes from the natural, unprocessed oils and carbohydrates found in these grains. The physical act of removing these whole grains from the block also satisfies birds’ natural pecking tendencies. This, in turn, can help to alleviate some of the aggressive behavior often exhibited by birds.

The ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Block also delivers the essential minerals and vitamins needed by all classes of birds. These supplemental nutrients nicely round out what is provided by the commercial feed of your choice and by natural scavenging. Please remember that the ULTRALYX Farm Flock Supplement Block is truly a supplement and is not a substitute for a proper commercial feed mixture.

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