Compressed Low-Moisture Block (CLMB) form combines compressed and low-moisture forms into one products. Dry ingredients are first blended and pressed into a plastic container with a special mold design that allows for a small amount of low-moisture block product to be added.

Intake is closely regulated by the low-moisture block center. The configuration of UltraBlox (CLMB) encourages cattle to consume the supplement in a manner more consistent with low-moisture block licking rather than aggressively biting the compressed block portion. The combination of technologies, along with the pattern of low-moisture block embedded within the compressed block, provides uniform consumption across the herd.

Advantages of CLMB Blocks:

  • Palatable and predictable intake characteristics of low-moisture block

  • Cost effectiveness and increased intake range of compressed block form

  • Patented technology

  • Ability to deliver a wider range of supplemental protein

  • Incorporates BIOPLEX trace minerals for increased bio-availability