The consistent consumption makes it easy to budget.

Shawn Gray is the cattle manager at Sleepy Creek Lands in Williston, FL. They have been feeding the ULTRALYX compressed tub SCL with BioZyme and Availa® 4 for the past 3-4 months. Initially, they were looking for a compressed tub to fit their feeding protocal and for a more cost effective way to supplement their cattle on forage. Shawn has seen lower consumption, lower daily cost and cows with calves by their side came through the winter well and have bloomed. Shawn says he would recommend the ULTRALYX products to others because it allows them to supplement and get the most efficient use of their forages.

Shawn says, "The consistent consumption makes it easy to budget. When I can decrease my labor and feed cost with one product verses multiple products, it makes us more productive and profitable."