I want my registered Charolais cattle to look good, be healthy and perform.

Tommy Wilks from Patrick, SC owns CFR Farm Supply, a full line feed dealership, and he also raises registered Charolais cattle. Tommy feeds a custom Mag mineral manufactured by ULTRALYX to his Charolais herd. Tommy says that because he sells registered Charolais cattle, he wants them to look good, be healthy and perform and he is getting all that from his Mag mineral. Tommy has fed other minerals in the past, but is really impressed with the quality and consistency of the custom Mag mineral manufactured by ULTRALYX. Not only does he feed it to his herd but he also recommends it to his customers.

Tommy purchases his mineral from Bartlett Milling Company in Florence, SC. This product is a custom mineral made for Bartlett Milling at the Ridely Block Operations/ULTRALYX plant in Flemingsburg, Kentucky.