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Does CRYSTALYX® Pencil Out? Part Four

Aug 30, 2023

Jon Albro and Jill Peine wrap up the latest podcast series "Does CRYSTALYX Pencil Out?", by discussing the economics of self-fed supplements and the cost of choosing not to supplement. 


Fly Control in the Canadian Marketplace

Apr 28, 2023

Fly control is always a hot topic when spring finally arrives in Canada. We discuss the negative impact that flies can have on an operation and the options available to combat the problem.


Steps to a Successful Embryo Transfer

Mar 30, 2023

Mineral and vitamin deficiency can really be detrimental to reproductive success for cattle. In this podcast we discuss why that is, and how a good nutrition program can help bridge the gap.


CRYSTALYX® Block Benefits in Canada

Nov 21, 2022

CRYSTALYX is a true low-moisture block, which is basically between 2–5% moisture, so it doesn’t freeze like some of the high-moisture blocks that are on the market right now. And when it’s cold, cattle need the extra protein and energy, so if it’s frozen, it’s not much help when it’s most needed, typically. So, that’s the advantage of feeding them. Canadian winters prove lots of challenges. CRYSTALYX helps navigate them.